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One of my favorite bloggers, Nancy, wrote a beautiful post on marriage today. Below is my response. I’d love to hear yours…

I’ve known my Leo since I was 14. He is the most comfortable place in the world. He’s steady and strong and kind. He’s quiet. He refuses to fight. Refuses. He won’t give in, he won’t be walked on, he’ll simply let me have my space. He’ll watch as I whirl around the house bristling with static. He’ll nod as I rage or weep and he’ll quietly apologize, or accept my apology when I’m good and ready for whichever response is needed.

Since we met, we’ve been effortless. Then we started taking in kids and life became busy and we didn’t have time to be. Our titles changed, our responsibilities changed, our priorities changed. A few weeks ago we both realized that our -ness, the thing that had always been our safety, our prize had been neglected.

We stopped life. We made sure to be still and alone together. We reconnected, we made looking each other in the eye, touching, being together a priority. Now we make sure that daily, we talk directly to each other, we kiss, we touch, we’re right again.

Life demanded that we adjust and we realized how easy it is to take for granted who we are together. I don’t know if I’d call it work, but whatever it takes, it’s worth it.


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  1. It is worth it. Even having the hard talks is worth it, because it’s easy to be passive to avoid feeling anything too much.

    It is better to have a hard conversation and grow from it than to stick your head in the sand.

    I love him so much, and I know he loves me. I think that we get swept away from life. Reclaiming our life, reclaiming us is, like you said, worth it.

  2. As “easy” as it is to be married to my spouse, a marriage can’t thrive when it simply exists. It needs recognition and tending to. Much less of a chore and more of a sunny Sunday afternoon hobby, but requiring time nonetheless. In short, I fully agree.


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