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Tonight I went to dinner for a friend’s birthday. I ordered a margarita, which happened to be one margarita too many. Two hours and three cups of coffee later, I ended up at home snuggling on the couch with my dearest.

I suddenly remembered that I had not been carded tonight. Tonight, was the first time I have not been carded. I know I’m well past the age of anyone assuming that I would be trying to pull a fast one, but it still made me feel good.

So, I told Leo that this was the first time I had not been carded and gave a little pout. Then he said…

Wait for it…

You will not believe this….

Then he said…

I kid you not….

He said, “welcome to looking old…”

Is anyone with me here? His justification… I’ve been teasing him for years.

I am not above the double standard and I’m calling it right here, right now. I am a double standard stander! I can tease him for being old, looking old, acting old (after all, he is older) and he can not, nay, should not return the joust. That’s the beauty of this union we share.


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  1. That’s EXACTLY how it works. He missed the memo somehow.

    Also, I’m turning 35 on the 5th. I’m feeling old.


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