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Danger, danger…

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In an effort not to let my kid become a total couch potato, I’ve sent him to play in the back yard several days in a row. It’s freaking freezing out there, but the sun is shining and he’s moving enough not to get hypothermia.

Today, while I was making lunch, I looked out to see him standing on top of the domed roof on his play car. You know, the orange one with the yellow roof.

I have no idea how he got up there, but sure enough, proud as a peacock, with hands cupped over his eyes like a regular Magellan, the kid swayed in the wind.

I took a picture. Then calmly and quietly, so as not to scare him off of the thing, told him that he probably shouldn’t be standing up there. It could be a little bit dangerous.

I wonder what it would take to get Leo to build hire someone to build a tree-house for our little look out?


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  1. Or, a work day with the Leo and grandpas! Throw some food at them and they’ll have it done in no time! (That was me speaking in hyperbole. Of course I meant SERVE them food!)


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