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A love letter.

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To the writers, director, set designer, animal trainers, camera men, and voice overs who made The Adventures of Milo and Otis.

I love you. I would marry you and have your children, you know, if I weren’t already married and could have children.

You cinematic geniuses have stolen my heart and captured the attention of my three-year old.

For 75 minutes I’ve heard not a peep, with the exception of an occasional delighted giggle.

Thank you.

I love you.

Forever indebted to you,



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  1. I loved that movie!!

  2. off to amazon for rush delivery.

  3. I didn’t like that movie at all. You know, my pet peeves- talking animals and babies, and fake fruit and vegetables.

    But now I’m trying to remember if the animals actually talked. And whatever my opinion is, my kids might love it. Is this on Netflix or Hulu? Is it anything like Benji, cause that didn’t go over so well…

  4. Oh, the movie is totally lame. It’s animals running around with a narrator making up all the voices. The thing is that Simeon loves it. I mean LOVES it!

    I got it at one of those recycled movie places when I was getting a present for my brother. It was $3. I’m sure netflix has it.

    No animals die, or pretend to die, so you should be safe.

  5. Quiet is worth any annoying animal voice. So, so worth it. I do my best to keep Owen and Joel’s media time to a reasonable level, but there are days when that blessed silence is worth it.


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