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They came, they saw, they conquered.

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I said I would share the story of  our placement today, but after trying to write it without sharing too many revealing details, I realized it wouldn’t be very interesting.

The children came from a tragic situation. We thought they’d be here a while, but they weren’t. We wanted to keep them, but we’re glad they’re home. Their story was published in all of our local papers and was on the news. Their home was no more than 15 minutes from ours. Leo drives past it twice a day, every day. I’ve stopped in the same grocery they would use while out running errands before. knowing how close to home they are, and that so many people would know their story if I mentioned related names, places, or news listings was surreal.

The little girl, “Dinah”, was precocious and beautiful. She took to calling me mommy the night she arrived, never cried for home, and obeyed very well. She and Simeon played perfectly together and I adored her. She was a great fit and I pray the best for her.

Her brother, “Gad”, was a relatively easy baby. His sleep schedule was really off, so that was a challenge. The last night he was with us, we had him on a normal, healthy sleep schedule. He had digestion issues, but those began clearing up the day before he left as well.

The kids were beautiful and we are better for knowing them. I can’t wait to hang pictures of their sweet faces on our wall. We are truly blessed.


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  1. Where's the Party?

    Good job Monica and husband. I remember holding Montana (asleep of course) and watching her mom crying on a TV interview. Surreal is the best word for it.

    May I ask, did they go to a relative?

  2. Tears. You bring joy to those children, and vicariously, to me. Good is there, and I thank God for you.


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