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Before I tell this story, you should know that I find it incredibly important to save as much of what kids arrive with as possible. They have all been ripped from the lives they’ve known (no matter how bad) and they have the right to discard of what they choose. Not me. In an effort to respect that, I will do my very best to clean and preserve what’s theirs. Obviously I do consider the health and saftey of the children.

Today I had a little break from kids and decided I would clean the newest car seat. For the record, we’ve been using the one we already own.

I could tell right away that it was covered in cat urine. I had no idea what I would find hidden in the nooks I couldn’t see!

Last night I had Leo remove the cover and throw it in the wash. The straps and cover are now in their second super wash cycle. They may be taking one more spin before the day is over.

I carried the carseat and base into the bathroom and prepared to spray them down with bleach. Scrub a bit and rinse. Easy, right?


The cat urine, grime, and feces were easy. What I nearly lost my lunch over, were the number of roaches, roach carcasses and insects that came flowing out. In droves. Many dead. Some still frantically kicking.

I almost hurled.

Here are a few before and afters:

Heartache added to heartache added to nausea. This one has shaken me to my core. The injustice of it all is dizzying, the publicity surreal.

Luckily, I don’t have much time to dwell on it. I’m too busy praying with every breath and keeping a head count. This is the most I’ve ever been responsible fore and it’d be a real shame to lose one.


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  1. I have no comment….just tears.

  2. That is so sad. We weren’t brought carseats with any of our placements, so I’m thankful for that. We HAVE been brought clothes, with the second placement, and they were in good condition but got washed and put away and we went and bought our own stuff. The first and third placement came in (1) a Winnie the Pooh shirt and (3) a hospital gown. That’s it. A package of diapers. The third placement was dirty and smelled bad and had untreated eczema and cradle cap, but that was an easy 2-3 day fix. We have three infant carseats and a convertable carseat that we have purchased off of Craig.s.list so I don’t have to go through what you are going through!

    Bless you. You have my utmost respect for cleaning that nasty thing!

  3. You’re a brave woman. I admire your strength so much, you have no idea. God has given you so much wisdom through this and I pray he continues to. I’ve been praying for your new kiddos and you. Hope you have a good weekend.


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