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chic geek or lame?

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Does the fact that I could play this Mario Bros. Starcatcher knock off make me a totally cool, Chuck loving, chic geek, or totally outdated and lame?

Flash Mario Games

Truth be told, I care about as much now as I did when this game was a la mode. Which means not at all.

I’ll see y’all in about 62 hours and 10 minutes. Which is how long it will take me to pass level four. I am a little rusty after all these years.

**Note, I just checked the link. You’ve got to click on the brownish link: Super Mario Bros Flash Games. Then skip the add. It will take you to a list of games you can play free online. Hmmm… I think I may have just answered my own question.


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  1. Maybe it is time for another foster child. Maybe twins. haha..just kidding. (Milly)


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