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Whew! This past week was a whirlwind. I. am. so. glad. it’s. over!

Simeon had his speech evaluation. He’s got the therapist baffled. She cannot figure out what his problem is. Hmmm….. Still, she’s going to try to help him. We should be seeing her regularly.

Baby girl went home Saturday. I miss her, but I really like sleeping through the night! The next time we get an infant, I don’t care the cost, I’m getting a co-sleeper crib. DFCS can take 4am feedings and shove it (says the woman who has yet to recover the many hours lost)! I’m such a light sleeper and it takes me forever to fall asleep. I found with baby girl, I was only sleeping 3 or 4 hours a night and I nearly lost my mind! A co-sleeper will help me from having to walk to the the other room for every little peep, thus saving me the full waking.

The baby shower went off without a hitch. Mom to be was blessed and I was so excited to be a part of that.

I’ve been doing research into therapeutic parenting for Simeon. It encourages things like whispering instead of yelling, and my favorite “out crazy the crazy” Seriously?! Can I get an AMEN?! I can out crazy some crazy. The other day Simeon had staged a coup and was about 20 seconds from shutting down (shutting down is rapidly followed by rages). I did not have the energy for a rage. So, as I watched my little boy’s body tense, and saw his eyes losing focus, I screamed:


I began panting as his eyes popped wide open and into focus. I threw my arms around his waist and dragged him off of his bed. I was shaking and said “I don’t know what to do, what will I do? please come look! We need to look!”

I had no plan, but about halfway to the kitchen remembered I had challah loaves in the fridge. I dropped S to his feet, threw open the fridge and began ripping the plastic wrap off of the pan. “PLEASE!! PLEASE BE OKAY!!! IS IT OK? DOES IT LOOK OK? HAS IT FALLEN FLAT??!!!!” I began pushing on the challah to see if was still risen (of course it was) and Simeon, still baffled, began tentatively feeling the loaf closest to him. I collapsed back on my feet: “Whew! it’s ok. I’m so glad it’s still ok. Thank you so much for helping. Hey, would you like to go back to your room and take a nap?”

That did the trick. He took my hand and walked back to his room. I tucked him in and he slept like a normal, healthy, less crazy than his foster mom baby. The adrenaline rush worked for both of us. It helped to bring his focus out and got the blood pumping. He was able to forget that tiny angry emotion he was ballooning into a rage and I was able to control my own frustration.

Brilliant! So for the next few weeks we’ll be trying to top each other’s crazy… it should be fun!


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  1. Awesome! I’m tucking that tip right into my back pocket. And yes, the co-sleeper is the only reason I’ve managed maintain (half of) my sanity with a 3 month old.

  2. I am not sure why it says I am logged in as nscurtis, but it’s me–millie. Just saying that I laughed until I cried just now as I read about you out-crazying-crazy. That should be in a movie. Maybe you will be like that Julie who blogged about doing Julia Child’s cookbook and like her, your blog will be made into a movie. You have many good scenes already written. You definitely have a book in the making. Anyway, you probably already know this, but in my experience I found that whatever works with these kiddoes doesn’t work for too long. You have to keep changing tactics. But, phooey–what am I saying?? I never tried out-crazying -crazy!!!

  3. What I wouldn’t pay to see the show at your house! Go out-crazy and enjoy it. Call me if you need tips….I’ve got crazy to spare.


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