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Baby girl is something to behold. She’s like a little chocolate truffle. Round as round can be. She’s got Diana Ross hair and an old soul face. When she looks up at us, it’s like she’s either gonna demand some r-e-s-p-e-c-t, or tell us the secret to getting our biscuits flaky, not crumbly. And she’s beautiful, but not simply beautiful, she’s strong beautiful. I’m sold.

Her long term placement will not be getting her back. No way, no how. I can NOT let this little treasure go! Even if she didn’t sleep more than 2 hours straight last night.

*sigh* She’s awake and telling me to Stop [blogging] in the name of love, and smooch her cheeks. When baby girl talks, we obey. We only have six days left.

Oh, and Simeon loves her too, though I think he’s a bit disappointed that she will not play trains with him. No one’s perfect. It’s a lesson he should learn now.

Later friends!


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  1. Enjoy that little girl. Perhaps I’ll foster someday, just to get to hold a beautiful little girl—especially with Diana Ross hair.

  2. haha…you described her so well. I was trying to describe her to Mom today and didn’t even come close. But, you nailed it. Enjoy your sweetie and give Simeon a hug for me.

  3. I love the way you describe your kids – i have the most fabulous mental picture of her 🙂


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