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I’ve had a hard time prioritizing lately. I don’t do much in the way of productive, but I have a lot to do. None of it is terribly pressing, but my days are pretty occupied with little bits of not much getting done, especially blogging. Leo is going out of town next week, I’m planning a baby shower (woot, woot! best one ever… if I get it all done), we’re in the process of painting our kitchen (we’re three weeks in and not yet done… our kitchen is not very big), I’m making a hat for my brother (he wants it for this weekend… ummmm, probably not), I’m supposed to finish a book for book club Saturday (ummmm, probably not), and the usual laundry, floor sweeping, tub cleaning, etc. needs to be done.

Here are things I plan to post about if I ever get around to it:

We almost got 2 little girls, then Leo and I had a disagreement and I pouted (Ok, this is pretty much the whole story, I may not need to post any more).

A photo post of our weekend get aways to my parents’

Baby shower crafts

Simeon’s funny, crazy, stressful, delightful antics, etc.

Textgate of ’10

If all that isn’t riveting enough for you, I may write a post about the paint drying in my kitchen… you know, just throw in some excitement. Hope you all are having a lively, noisy, colorful week wherever in the world you are!

Love you like crazy cakes,



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  1. Yes indeed, my world is delightfully crazy. I soooo love your blog. 😉

  2. Yes, I am definitely interested in textgate as well! 😉 I recently had an incident involving what my husband now calls “Pillowgate ’09.”


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