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Staycation officially over!

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Thank the Lord! We had a week full of stories, but no one wants to read a post that long, so I’ll just start with boy stories in 2010 as they happen.

Leo and I are finding that adjusting to life with kids still holds a pretty steep learning curve. This was our first vacation with children and I was longing for a little routine. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I want more than to be independently wealthy so that Leo can stay home and help me raise these little bundles of crazy, but since we arent and he can’t, our tidy routine gets all wonky when he stays home.

I was surprised to find that life wasn’t easier with both of us. That has nothing to do with Leo who hung about a gazillion pictures and other wall decor, painted part of the kitchen, helped me dissemble one of the beds in the nursery, helped me with laundry, cleaned the bathrooms and swept the kitchen floor.

The problem was that before we had kids, vacation was often spent in our pajamas, on the couch, eating junk food and watching movies. We tried that, but the boys went stir crazy and it’s the most ridiculous degree of cold here and this much cold makes my bones hurt and my fingers stiffen up, so I refused to go outside unless I HAD to. It ended up being a lot of boy bickering, parent bickering and family bickering.

Bickering is new for us. Leo and I get along quite splendidly. We both hate conflict, so we mostly ended up stressed out and frustrated with the kids and with each other. It wasn’t all miserable, it just felt like one battle after the next, so we both found ourselves huddled together on the couch in post-mortem talks each night.

We forget that we’ve only been parents for six months. Our friends have eased into these various stages of autonomy and energy. I’m trying to remind myself that we all deserve a little grace here.

I’m sad Leo is back at work, but I’m glad to have a little routine back in our lives.


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  1. Amen about the grace. We started with a kid that slept 18 hours a day, and still bickered. It’s normal. It gets better.

    At least this is what I’m counting on.


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