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My 10 in 2010 (’cause I’m pithy like that!)

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I just looked up pithy in the dictionary because my vast vocabulary is lacking definition and context. Yes, I am containing much pith. Just kidding, I’m forcefully expressive… and long winded. And none of this has anything to do with my post which is about resolutions. Only I’m not calling them resolutions, I’m calling them goals because I don’t want to raise the bar to high here. If I fail at resolutions, then my year was a waste and I’ve let myself down. If I don’t meet my goals, then I can readjust the list and continue working on them next year.

So instead of grand, sweeping declarations, I’m setting attainable, if uninteresting goals.

So, here’s my 10 in 2010. I was going to try 365 in 365. Then 52 in 52, but both of those seemed so… so… well, so much. OK, enough words, here we go:

1. I will shave my legs at least once a week for the next 52 weeks. In the summer this is really easy, but October to May, this is really, really hard. I’m cold in my bones and the long, flowing, braidable hairs help. That and I’m lazy and no one can see my legs, so why bother.

2. I will do laundry at least once a week for the next 52 weeks. This is a huge improvement from the first few years of marriage. We were both working and had expendable income (Well, if we had saved it instead of expending it, we’d be much more comfortable now, but I never made saving a goal… thus my 10 in 2010). I hardly ever washed underwear. If we ran out of clean underwear, I’d just buy more. If I’ve never mentioned it before, I hate laundry.

3. I will deny myself a late night snack at least twice a week for the next year. I’d like to loose about 300lbs, but that seems more work than it’s worth (I actually kinda like my curves *choke, cough* and I’m so snugly for babies. This is what I tell myself, anyway). I figure if I cut back on the midnight fudge indulgences, then that’s a good start.

4. Leo and I will go on a date, away from children at least once a month. We will both shower and put on clothes not stained with snot and oatmeal and join the rest of humanity where we will laugh and hold hands and wait anxiously to be back home with our kids (whoever they are at the time) watching movies and wiping noses.

5. I will say “no” less. I want to give my boys vocabulary for the things they may and may not do. I feel like they hear the word no more than any other and it makes me sad. I could probably stand to chill out a little more, too.

6. Finish making our house kid friendly. I have so many visions and dreams for the way I want our home to look when the kids come in. I want to decorate the living room, refinish our basement (I have amazing, giant kid playthings that the boys have never seen because I have no place to put them), organize the kitchen (Leo will build a window seat-ha!), refurnish the diningroom with benches, etc, etc, etc.

7. I will plant flowers by my mailbox and in my front walk this spring AND fall.

8. I will sweep my floors at least 3 days a week. Really, if I did this at least 3 days a week, then it would take less than five minutes. At the moment I’m averaging once every three weeks. Not only is it disgusting, it takes for-ever!

9. I will begin thoughtfully stocking my gift closet in January. I will also continue using my swagbucks search to get some Amazon points for my gift shopping.

10. I will read 12 books cover to cover. Kid books will not count, though I’m reading about 10 of those a month. I am notorious for reading only the first, or all but the last chapter of most books. I want to be better about this. It would probably help my vocabulary too!

11. I will try to push myself a little more. I will try not to settle into the just good enough, or the just barely made it. I won’t hang my head in shame if I fall short, but I won’t throw in the towel when it gets too hard. I like the me I’m growing up to be.

So… What are your goals or resolutions or declarations or hopes and dreams for this new year? I’d really love to know!


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  1. I’m totally with you on #5. Sometimes, I feel like the boys are bombarded with ‘No” from sunrise to sunset. I can do better.

    Goals for 2010 include getting back into yoga and becoming a better photographer. And, so help me, getting published somewhere.

    First, though, I will follow through on things. On that note, the gift will be in the mail soon. 🙂

  2. Where's the Party?

    Hmm, I totally agree with you on everything but 1. I haven’t shaved my legs in 9 years (notice I’ve been married for 8) and I couldn’t be happier about it. And I go to the pool in the summer, and my friends actually do talk to me, and no one laughs and points. It’s so great to be a grown-up! (I didn’t start shaving until 8th grade, so I got sneered at in 7th grade.)
    [cue organ and booming voice] Sistah! Fa-reee ya’self from the devilish shackles of tha razor!! Let ya legs be as God made ’em!! [organ off]

    As for me, I want to grow more food/expand the vegetable garden. I’d also like to be a better family member and talk to my brothers/grandparents/far-away in-laws more often.

  3. Where's the Party?

    Shoot, that automatic smiley face should be an 8, followed by ). I didn’t realize that was the shaded-smiley-guy code…


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