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Zeb is still clingy. I cannot so much as stand up without first notifying him. If I do, he turns into a screaming, shaking puddle of a boy. When he’s not holding on to one of our necks for dear life, he’s lifeless. He rarely smiles and when he does, it’s the slightest smirk. When he plays, he usually just rolls a car back and forth on one of our legs. He’s going to bed better. He’s eating better. He has laughed a few times and we had a few minutes of what appears to be actual fun yesterday. He’s getting better.

Simeon had another one of his fits yesterday. He destroyed his room and screamed angrily in Leo’s face. He’s defiant and willful. He screams angrily several times a day and his rages are more frequent since Zeb’s arrival. We’re working on making sure that he knows he’s still a priority for us. We let him help us more and make sure he gets a few extra hugs and kisses to remind him that we’re still madly in love with him, even if we don’t particularly like him at times. We talk a lot about being nice and listening to others (especially his parents) and he seems to be understanding more.

Leo let me sleep in yesterday. Then he took the boys while I went to visit friends. I sat on my friend’s couch and had adult conversation (mostly about children and parenting) for three hours. Then I did the week’s grocery shopping all by myself. I came home feeling better.

This morning I’m letting Leo sleep in. He’ll work today and I’ll take the boys to visit my grandmother for our family Christmas. They’ll get presents and we’ll all come home and start our week better.

Hopefully, we’ll hear something regarding Zeb Tuesday. I have no idea which way this will go. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. I’ll keep y’all posted.


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  1. It is amazing what an hour or (three!) of adult conversation can do for a person. I’m hoping that you’re able to keep that balance and enjoy your holiday.

  2. Where's the Party?

    Yeah, it really seems like Simeon doesn’t like the intruder in his territory! We’ll keep praying for your family (patience for all!)

    Btw, I do it all the time too, but there are some pseudonym problems you might want to fix.


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