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Like a blind date.

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I’m running around trying to get ready. I’m nervous and excited. A little bit nauseous. What if he’s too loud, or mean? What if he cries at dinner? What if he just sits there like a dead fish? What if they lied and he’s got a weird growth on his face? What if he doesn’t like me? What if I don’t like him? What if he pukes? What if he doesn’t have diapers?


No, it’s not a blind date. It’s a child and he’s on his way. We just got the call. This was not in the plans for today. Simeon and I were getting ready to walk out the door and go to the Library. We were going to run to the craft store (no need, I won’t be crafting tonight, for sure). We were going to go out to lunch and play in the play place. We were going to take a nice relaxing afternoon nap and wait for Papa to get home. Today was not going to be spent in front of the TV. Again. But I needed to get the floor mopped and the outlets covered and the bits picked up off the floor. I had to make up the crib and move the boxes off of the rocking chair. So, TV time it is. The Library books will be held for one more day.

We’re having a baby. I don’t know much. A toddler. A boy. His parents are both in custody and there’s no one to take him in. No one to take him in. No where for him to go. It makes my heart hurt to think about that. He may go back home tomorrow, or he may stay. We’ll know more tomorrow afternoon.

He’ll be here in less than an hour. Pray that I’m ready. Pray that Simeon’s ready. I’ve been trying to prep him, but whenever I say a baby’s coming his eyes light up and he asks for Reuben. No my darling, it’s not Reuben. Reuben is safe. He has a mommy and home. We’re getting a new little boy who needs our love. So we have to be nice, we have to share and we have to make room.


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  1. Praying for you!!!

  2. How exciting and terrifying and amazing. Praying for you.


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