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Mondays are wonderful down days for us here. After busy weekends, Simeon and I spend Mondays in our pajamas re-grouping and re-organizing for the week ahead (read, vegging on the couch watching TV all day). Today was supposed to be just that. We were on the couch watching Dora’s trippy little Christmas special. Seriously, y’all. Has anyone seen this??? There’s this kleptomaniac fox (with a Jersey accent?) who steals Christmas treasures, so he’s put on the naughty list. Until this naked troll (because that’s not absurd at all!) leads the fox and Dora (dressed in a ball gown, of course) in a musical adventure through time. It’s full of sure to be classics like “Wiggle, Jiggle and Sneeze.” In the end, the fox learns that as long as he quits stealing and starts sharing he’ll stay on the nice list and get presents (I guess that’s a good message). Then Santa sails into the night sky as the characters (including a giant chicken in a santa hat???) have a grand party.

But I digress. For like, a really long time. So, There we were laying on the couch with unbrushed hair and teeth. Enjoying the ride through the minds of Dora writers, who apparently used too many drugs before scoring the great deal there at Nickelodeon when the phone rang. It was our case worker. “Hey Mrs. Monica, I know we’re supposed to have our visit Friday, but I’m in the area so I thought I’d come by if that’s OK.”

Well of course it’s OK. Because if it wasn’t OK then that would be all sorts of weird and I’d have to lie or explain that we’re enjoying pajama day and I really wasn’t planning on brushing my teeth until noon. I had no idea how much time I had, so we made a mad dash putting the house back together – sort of. I mostly shoved stuff in closests and swept the floor. Brushed my teeth and changed Simeon out of the stained sweatshirt I found on the floor this morning and into a wrinkled one I pulled out of the clean clothes pile that’s been in the livingroom for over a week. Seriously. I gathered all the dirty dishes from around the house and dumped them in the sink and swept the floor at the top of the stairs. I finally collected ALL of Simeon’s toys from my room, where they were being held after he threw them across the house during one of his recent rages, and put them back on the shelves in his room. All of this just in time for the doorbell to ring.

The visit went well. Simeon was well behaved (mostly) and the case worker confirmed the approval for therapy (hopefully we’ll get a call from the therapist soon). We go to court again in the next month or so, apparently mom and her lawyer got it together enough to ask for a review (sigh). And we have a panel review sometime around there too. In other words, we’ll enjoy Christmas, then start the new year off with a fair amount of stress and anxiety about Simeon’s future. I’m really hoping the therapy and panel review will ensure that we have more time, but I’m not going to think about it too much until we get closer. I’m going to try hard to reclaim my lazy day. I’m back in pajamas and prepared to finish off an entire pot of coffee (I made it for the visit, but no one wanted any).

Hope you ease into your week nicely!


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  1. Dora is trippy stuff. I bet you’re glad that visit is behind you!


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