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The danger zone… we took the “highway to the danger zone!”

And we found little boy crack. It’s a lovely little film called Top Gun and Simeon is more enthralled than he has ever been with the Cars movie.

We’re watching it on TV so the 27 minute intimate scene is highly edited, and I can justify this brilliant use of a Saturday afternoon by claiming that he’s learning valuable life lessons, like “Your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!” and “There’s no points for second place!”

We’re all feelin’ the need, the need for speed here.
Later y’all!


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  1. I hope they didn’t edit the shirtless volleyball scene. That would be a crime.

  2. We just finished watching Top Gun too!! OMGosh, I had major flashbacks to watching this movie endless times with my brother when he was 5. He thought he was Maverick and even had the cool fighter pilot jacket. Have you seen Kelly McGillis lately? She is looking rough.


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