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Friday Fragments: Social skillz fail and poison control.

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Mommy's Idea Is it Friday already?! December already feels like it’s flying by and it’s only just begun. Leo and I have been so busy and we’ve got so much more to do. We’ll be traveling the long trip to my parents house and back at least 3 more times this month (a record number of visits in a month). We’ll be attending more dinners, gatherings and parties than my calendar can contain. I assumed that I’d have tons of defragging to do over the next few weeks, but if this pattern sticks, the opposite may be true. I’ve been so busy, that Friday’s arrived and I can’t remember what I wanted to share this week. Sigh. The good news is that I am done with the Christmas consumerism portion of the season. From here on out, it’s about being with people we love and making new friends. The focus of my season this year is joy. Whirling, twirling, rushing, running Joy. I hope you all find the joy amidst all the chaos of your holiday season. Now, onto the Fragging. You know what to do, check out the lovely Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin to read more, and give a little of yourself this season and write your own!

– I believe that I am a much more put together person on my blog. Here I can write with a certain amount of anonymity (say that three times fast… or once). I often forget that people I know actually read this. I was at our Children’s ministry team and one of the ladies, who reads my blog, asked how my girls were doing. Apparently, I’ve been so deprived of adult interaction that I completely forgot myself, hoisted them up and offered to let her touch them. “Ummmm… no thanks…” Why does Leo let me out in public by myself? I really need to stay safely locked inside where I will not embarrass myself, my family and friends, or perhaps even the strangers at the table next to us.

Thanks Lynn, for not moving seventeen seats away and denying any association with me. I’ll try to keep my mammary mounds to myself next time.

– On the way home, I called Leo to check in on his evening with Simeon. *Note: Simeon threw a fit today, during which he went into one of his rages and punched me twice in the face, so I was really hoping Leo had had an uneventful evening.* His response to my question: “Oh it went well, we only had one call to poison control…”


In case you were wondering, the silica in the silica packets you get in your pocket-book. The ones printed with DO NOT EAT over and over. They are perfectly safe to eat. They may not be tasty, though Simeon seemed to enjoy them well enough, but they will also not harm you.

Sigh. If I don’t die from embarrassment, I may die from stress. Either way, the safest bet is to never leave my house again.

– I love the gap commercials with the chanting. Especially the one with the little girls who are singing about their sweaters “I love my comfy sweater! I love my comfy sweater!”. My favorite line is: “How cute are these boots?! How cute are these boots?!” It’s like my theme song.

That’s all I’ve got for today. I’ll try to be better about remembering all the times I say “I should totally blog about…” this week. Hope you all have a good one.


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  1. Congrats on being done with the Christmas consumerism portion of the season.

    Huge victory!

  2. Good job being done with the consumerism part of Christmas – I still have a few consumerism things to take care of, then I can breath a sigh of relief and enjoy the fast pace between now and then. 😉

    I can absolutely relate to being more ‘put together’ on my blog than I am out in public. There’s something about not having that ‘adult interaction’ aside from the hubby that when you’re out amongst adults, it’s like you rush to play catch up. With the unwitting recipients being flabbergasted by your tenacity. See? I probably wouldn’t be able to communicate in that manner with a straight face. Especially since conversations come out in a rush and sound more like gibberish. Of course I’ve never hoisted up my girls for inspection…BWAHAHAHA! That totally cracked me up! 🙂

    Good to know those silica packets are not as dangerous as they’re made out to be…but ewwwww! Poor Simeon for thinking they’d be good to munch on!

    I’m loving the Gap commercials this season, too – even Princess Nagger has me rewind to DVR so she can watch with me. 🙂

    Happy FF! 🙂

  3. I’m dying about the boob hoist. “Wanna touch?” Hilarious!

  4. I love those commercials too- have you noticed the one little girl who just cuts loose screaming? Awesomeness.

    I do socially awkward things all the time. That’s why I love blogging. Human interaction with way less potential for me to embarrass myself 😛

  5. So funny. I thought by “girls,” you meant GIRLS, and I thought, “Hm. She has daughters? Okay.” Had to read that a couple of times 🙂

    Thanks for the info on the packets; I have always wondered…

    Keep a little notepad in your purse! 🙂

  6. LOL!! You are too funny. I regularly suffer from foot in mouth disease so there’s really not much you could say that would turn me away, not even the offer to caress the twins. 😉 BTW, I love the Gap commercials too…


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