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***On the off-chance that there are any men that read this blog (I doubt it), you are welcome to skip this post***

This may not be the breast piece I’ve ever written. I don’t mean to be a boob with such a topic, but I’m going to stay firm, perk up and continue with my post. Ok, I’m done now, I couldn’t resist.

So yesterday I went for a good bra fitting. I went to a local lingerie shop that specializes in fitted undergarments. They’ll even alter them if you need it. So I walked in and the kind lady at the counter ushered me to a plush changing room where I disrobed and she chatted to keep me at ease. I thought this must be the technique they  gynecologists because it’s the same banal conversations I have every time in the stirrups.

Anyway, she didn’t use a tape measure or cup my girls or anything. She pinched the back of my bra strap, took a good long look and came back with the almost perfect bra. I guess when you look at boobs all day, you get good at the visual measurements. I tried on different styles and learned several things before making my final choice.

1. Even an expensive lingerie store that specializes in making women of every size feel sexy on the outside makes the most comfortable bras look like they’re made for a woman named Helga. Seriously, I’m not 80 yet. I’d like to feel a little pretty underneath all the snot, oatmeal and tear stains on my sweater.

2. I cannot afford boutique bras and groceries. I plan to try some less expensive stores now that I know how a bra should fit.

3. I’ve been mishandling my undergarments for years.

4. I’m becoming less and less self-conscious. I didn’t even think twice about freeing the girls in front of this woman.

5. It is totally worth trying several bras on. Even in the cheaper stores. No two are alike (like snowflakes and breasts).

6. Nothing could ever be as comfortable or stable as my good ol’ Champion sports bra. Thank you Champion for all you’ve contributed to the three of us over the years.

So Ladies, if you’re feeling tired of the same old, or if you’re stuck wearing utilitarian underwear, then I highly recommend going to one of these boutiques and getting a good fit. Figure out what size you really are (I was surprised), see yourself in a good flattering fit and then go on out there and have some fun knowing that even though you’re dragging a screaming toddler through Wal-Mart, or scraping one off the floor at church, or wrestling one into the car, you’ve got your dainties on and Whoah-man! You look good!!!


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  1. Did you go to the place Tammy goes (behind the mall)?

  2. You crack me up, girl. You know I’ve been wanting to check that store out for some time but just never seem to spend that kind of money on myself when I have it to spend. One day…

  3. The right size does a world of good for the girls and your attitude. 🙂


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