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Friday Fragments–Oh how I’ve missed thee…

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Last week I was away from my beloved wireless connection. It was good for me, but I really did get a little squirrely by Sunday. I missed reading my blogs and writing. I am back and the world is right. So now for my weekly dose of Friday Fragments. You can check out the lovely Mrs. 4’s to read more Fragments at half past kissin’ time, and as always, join the fun and leave your own!

– My beautiful niece had a concert at school yesterday. Leo and I were already planning to go, but then my SIL called and invited us to meet everyone for dinner before the show. They would be meeting in 40 minutes and we live about 35 minutes away. Leo and I rushed around to get dressed and gather Simeon. I sent Simeon potty and a few minutes later, walked into the bathroom to find that instead of standing on his stool and peeing in the potty, he stood right next to the potty and peed on the wall. Why?! I asked him that very questions and he threw his head back to let out a primal “whhhhaaaaaannnhhhhh!!!!” Big tears and all. Apparently he didn’t know either. So, we made him clean it up and had a long talk about peeing exclusively in the potty. We finally got into the car 20 minutes later and I sent this text: [Simeon] peed on the wall. Don’t know why. So, we’re running late. We’ll be there by 6:25.

When my SIL got this text, she read it out loud to the people in her car and my nephew, who is the same age as Simeon says “Simeon loves poop!” And Simeon does. He loves all things evacuation related. Isn’t it nice to be known?

– Speaking of poop. I have a beautiful brown throw blanket. The other morning I had it wrapped around Simeon as he watched a few morning cartoons. I tried to straighten it around him, but he grabbed it back and piled it up in his lap. “Look! Poop!!!” I know boys are all about the gross stuff, but really. Really. I’m looking forward to being done with this phase.

– When I was growing up, my mom made Christmas decorating an intense sport that required training and stamina. the entire month of december, our home was a magical place where miracles happened. My friends loved to come over because our living space was transformed into a display full of fake snow, real greenery, vintage toys, ornaments, bows and lights. Every room was changed (including the bathrooms) and all of the pictures on the walls were wrapped like giant packages. It was always a two day event transforming everything. Now that I have my own home, I find that I don’t really enjoy turning my whole house into a winter wonderland. This year I was going to do les than ever, just a tree. But alas, 11:15 Wednesday night I found myself standing in a pile of greenery and lights, wondering what happened to the past 3 hours. I’m only doing my living, dining and entry, but it’s out of control… and I’m a little afraid of what this could mean in years to come.

– Since court on Wednesday, Simeon has seemed much more relaxed. Our whole home feels more at peace. Even at dinner last night, my SIL noticed a change in us. I think we had unknowingly been carrying a lot of apprehension about what court would mean this week. There was a certain amount of unsettled, but now we know that we’re together for the long haul, and we don’t have to worry about goodbyes for a while, we’re all more relaxed.

– “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.” Luke 5:16. This is one of my favorite verses. I love the poetry of it. I love the simplicity of it and all that it implies. Jesus prayed. He talked to his Heavenly Father. He knew how to be alone and he did it often. One of the greatest things I’ve learned over the past few years is how to be still and silent. I am so glad that the Lord has called children into our lives. I certainly feel a sense of purpose and fulfilment in being a mother to the orphan, but I miss the silence and I miss the stillness. I read this verse yesterday and felt a little twinge of longing for the lonely places, which ironically enough, are some of the least lonely of all.


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  1. That last paragraph is just lovely. We all need those quiet times, especially when our dear ones are peeing on the walls.

    Believe me, as one who has busted out the Clorox on many an occasion, I know.

  2. I’m with Nancy – that last paragraph is lovely.

    Simeon’s peeing on the wall and enamored by all things poop – this too shall pass. πŸ˜‰

    Glad you got court behind you so you can enjoy the holiday season without the stress.

    It’s funny – I used to wrap the pictures on the wall to make them look like hanging presents, too. Don’t know why I stopped – probably because I continued to collect more and more Christmas decor and transforming just the living room into a winter wonderland was time consuming enough. πŸ˜‰

  3. I’m so happy to hear that your home is feeling more relaxed now. I’m not happy to hear about the pee, but at least it wasn’t poop.

    I haven’t even started decorating. I don’t like to do the whole house, but a little something would be nice.

  4. I’m guessing that will all of his groupies, Jesus was rarely alone, either. That said, his diehard followers were adults, so he could just kick them out when he needed some alone time. Your day will come, but in the meantime, maybe you and your husband can come up with a plan for each of you to get some alone time.

    As you noticed on my post today, my mom does the same thing, and I just do not share her affinity for Christmas clutter. I’m just lazy when it comes to decorating. My tree is still sitting there (a week now) with only lights.

    Glad the court outcome gave you some peace.

  5. I can’t imagine it only taking two days to transform a house into a winter wonderland. I have a table top tree and it’s taken me three days to decorate it lol

    The only boy I’ve got in my house is my husband and if he peed on the wall…. at least you could text that you’d be a little late. I’m sure everyone was anxious to see you after that text!

    Kristin – The Goat


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