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Playing catch up 1-2-3

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The holiday madness has started full swing and I’m just trying to keep up. Hopefully I can get it together and enjoy some of this time.

1. Yesterday we went to court. Simeon will be with us indefinitely. 3-6 months at least, I’m thinking. It is possible, that we will go to court for review if mom’s attorney asks, but that should only be to argue visitation rights, and her attorney didn’t show yesterday, so I’m guessing that’s unlikely. For now things will continue as they have been, only now we’ll be getting him some therapy, so he’s here for a while and he’s getting some help… Yay!

Funny thing happened on the way out of the court room. Mom saw dad and began throwing explatives and threats. There was a lot of neck and eye rolling, finger waving and stomping. Yikes! These two are more concerned about what the other is doing and how they can get even with each other than they are about the fact that their precious little boy is getting lost in the mess they’ve made. It’s infuriating. Right now all I see is selfishness and stupidness and I’m having a very difficult time feeling mercy and compassion.

2. Thanks to my dear Leo for keeping Simeon yesterday afternoon and the fact that Leo’s family gave the best Christmas gift of all (we’re not exchanging presents) I got all of my shopping done yesterday. I’m almost done with my house decorating and gift wrapping. I’m hoping to have everything pre-Christmas done by Sunday so that I can forget about all of that and enjoy the anticipation of the celebration. Amen.

3. They’ve predicted snow for Saturday. No thank you. I hate the cold. I despise the snow.  Christmas can be be just as merry at 75. And I have errands to run. I am willing a warm front.

Thank you and goodnight.


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  1. I hate snow, too.

    I’m glad Simeon is getting the help he needs…and it’s hard to feel love when his parents are totally missing the point and HIS NEEDS.

    In regards to you comment on my posting…I’m with you regarding teaching. Miss the students and the actual teaching, the paperwork and grading, not so much.

  2. I am totally with you on the snow. I can look at a picture of snow and enjoy my holiday looking at pretty lights on a palm tree!!


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