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Somedays I feel like a zoo keeper. (and a holiday recap)

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I feel like my only job is to feed and clean up the little creature running around my home. Yesterday, Simeon had a little diarrhea. Instead of running to the bathroom, he ran to the kitchen. Why? I may never know. When I finally got him to the bathroom and pulled off his pants, he dropped a big steaming, almost solid pile on the floor. Commence gagging.

So after hosing down the kid and bleaching my bathroom, I put him in a pull up and followed him into the living room where he demanded a “shammish” and “duice.” This morning I woke up to him holding an empty bowl in front of my face. When I asked him what he needed he just pointed at the bowl. Seriously.

So Thursday morning we went to my grandmother’s for Thanksgiving. She made chicken nuggets and butter beans. She said crazy conspiracy theorist things about the president and Hispanics.  After 3 hours, we all left. It was one of the strangest, shortest holiday dinners our family has ever had.

Leo, Simeon and I drove to my parents for the rest of the weekend. I was plagued with one of the worst head colds of my life and this may have tainted my outlook on things a bit. Friday we were up at 4am to shop. Why? Well, I don’t really know, but it goes something like: because that’s what we do. It really was kind of fun.

We shopped until 2:30 and I think I bought three gifts. I mostly just followed my mother and brother’s girlfriend around and picked up things if they happened to be on my list. So after all of that, I still have shopping to do. It was fun, but exhausting.

We went back to my parents to make a real Thanksgiving dinner. That was a little tense. After an exhausting day of shopping, the three of us danced around each other in the kitchen.  Simeon threw an enormous raging fit shortly before guests arrived. One in which Leo and I were tag teaming in to keep him from knocking himself unconscious or throwing small pieces of furniture through my mother’s front window. It was like a world class WWF match-up. Leo and I spent dinner huddled in the corner, balancing our dishes on our knees and thinking of ways to escape… without the kid.

Saturday was fairly lazy. That is, it was lazy after Simeon ran outside without shoes. Into 50 acres of pasture and woods, at 44 degrees, chasing the beagle. No one else was paying attention. So there I was, standing on the porch yelling for the kid, imagining all of the terrible things that could have happened. Are there cyotes in [rural nowhere my parents live]? I grab my shoes and rush out into the freezing cold in my pajamas to find him. It turns out he was on the other side of the house, cold and ignoring me. Awesome. Eventually, my mother and brother’s girlfriend left to take Simeon to pick out a tree. Leo and I were able to get dressed at a leisurely pace while watching Duck Commander (hilarious) and headed out to see the symphony. We took a detour, got dinner and took a very long walk before going home. It was 7 wonderful, hand holding, laughter filled hours. We returned to a happy home. Simeon was glad to see us. We had missed him terribly. Everyone else was grateful we were back to coral the young ‘un. The rest of the night was filled with peace.

Sunday we tried to help my mother decorate for Christmas, but it was too much. We were all too tired. We aborted mission and high-tailed it out of there by 1pm. Overall, it was a good time. At least it was family time. I think next year, we won’t try to do so much in one weekend. And we’ll probably have a different child. Hopefully one that doesn’t require so much energy. At Christmas we’ll all be much more relaxed… I hope. Oh, the holidays.

***We go back to court tomorrow. We could be looking at another 30,60, or 90 days with Simeon. He could also be returned home, but I’m thinking this is still unlikely. I’ll let y’all know something when I do. Pray it goes in our favor. Despite my jaded post, I don’t really like the idea of him going back yet. ****


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  1. The bowl thing is hilarious!

    I can totally relate to the grandmother-conspiracy theory-thanksgiving!

  2. Chicken nuggets and butter beans! LOL!!!

    My younger brother used to have terrible fits when he was a small child for no apparant reason. He eventually did grow out of them, but it was a frightful couple of years where we were always on alert and were always checking out what kind of floor we were on wherever we went. He was a head smasher too…..he would also try and bite the floor!!! At the time, it was always very scary, and we had to be on alert (tile and concrete is the scariest…lol) But, looking back on it now, we all laugh our butts off as we tell tales of the red headed monster boy that he was. He turned out to be an awesome man by the way…… I could tell you all kinds of stories about my rambunctious brother as a child…..he was also a climber….that made life interesting too!! Just keep loving him and it will be ok.

  3. So glad you are back blogging! I missed you. I kept checking all weekend to see if you had posted, even though I knew there was no way you could. I missed your posts that much!!! Thanks for taking us through your weekend. That was some weekend! I CANNOT imagine going out shopping so early on B. Friday and still coming home to prepare “Thanksgiving dinner.” And, that is from a person who loves cooking big meals and loves shopping. Can’t imagine both in one day! And, poor Mrs. J. When you start approaching 60, like me, and you hear those kind of stories, the question comes to mind: What will I be serving for Thanksgiving in 18 years? As granddad says, “old age is not for wimps.” Then there is his, “the first 80 years are the hardest.” I won’t even mention that one about horse. Anyway, welcome back to cyberspace!

  4. Praying for the best…

    My MIL has all sorts of conspiracy theories too. Kinda awkward dinner conversation.


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