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I’m ba-a-ck!!!

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We’re home and back on the grid. We spent the past 31/2 days with no computer or phone service (my parents do have a land line) and I must say, it was kind of nice. Admittedly, I would have regretted a good  many posts should I have had access to a wireless connection (I mean really, 4 days with my mother…)

Wednesday, Leo and I watched Four Christmases with the siblings (hilarious) and I spent the next four days whispering, yelling, mouthing, signaling and pointing to mistletoe. He never gave in and let me escape. In the end, I’m glad he didn’t. It was nice to be with family. Remember: Family is like a runny apple pie–not perfect, but who’s complaining?

I’ll be back with tales from our Thanksgiving fun tomorrow! Hope you all had a good one!


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  1. I really like the apple pie metaphor.


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