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Friday Fragments: Just what the doctor ordered…

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This week has been busy, busy, busy. And most of the almost written posts are centered around doctors, medicine and general bodily failings… so this is Friday Fragments the Rx Addition! Stop by Half Past Kissin Time to see more blogger-fraggers, or better yet, join the party and add your own!

– In a post I wrote earlier this week, I shared that my personal motto is “my uterus, my business” after a trip to the doctor in which she, uncharacteristically, shared every incident of yeast infection she’s had in her life, I made an addendum to my motto: Your uterus, Your business!

– I was working at church late Tuesday night. Leo and Simeon were home getting ready for bed. Leo left Simeon to put his pull-up on, but Simeon refused. He ran into the living room, found my cosmetics mirror and spent, in Leo’s words, “far more time than necessary examining his privates in a 5x’s mirror… and laughing.” Oh, that boy!

– I was born with a genetic disorder that caused my bones to break very easily. When I was kid, after a series of unfortunate accidents, I was told I would never walk again. People prayed, I went to therapy and to beat all odds, I walk. I have almost no lasting effects from all those breaks and surgeries. When I was relearning to walk, and for a short time after, I would get this very specific dull throb in my left thigh, almost like the nerve was mad at me. I completely forgot about that until earlier this week when it started up again. It lasted anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, happened several times a day and was always unexpected. Then just as suddenly as it struck, I didn’t feel it even once yesterday. Bizzare!

– Several months ago I got a pretty bad case of strep throat. The Z pack didn’t work, and I was put on a pretty hefty round of antibiotics (I won’t even take an aspirin unless I’m dying!). Ever since then my left tonsil stays swollen and occasionally I get a big blister on it. I went to the doctor this time and she said it is not strep. She put me on stronger antibiotics and said if it doesn’t go away I need to go to the ENT… am I too old to have my tonsils out?

– Simeon’s been taking this bubble gum pink antibiotic. It smells gross, but he sucks it down like sugar water, so whatev (you hate me for that don’t you)! Because he’s wiggely and I don’t have real steady hands (could be my blood pressure) we always end up dribbling a bit on the floor before it makes it into his mouth. Then he’s mesmerized. He cannot pull his eyes away from the pink goop on the floor, which only serves to make the spoon slosh and spill more.

– While at the doctor, I had my blood pressure taken. When she walked into the exam room, she looked stricken. She said that my blood pressure was unusually high and wanted to take it again (this didn’t help me to relax for sure!) As she was taking the new reading she asked how work was going. I said that I quit work last year, that now I’m a stay at home mom. “Oh” she said, “that could explain the blood pressure, couldn’t it?!” Turns out all was perfectly normal, the nurse either measured wrong, or wrote it down incorrectly, but I thought it was funny that if I were working, my doctor may have suggested a vacation, but as a mom, high blood pressure may just be a part of life! I mean, you can’t really take a break from this job, can you?

– The only place that compete with interesting people watching at the welfare offices, is juvenile court.

– I spoke with a therapist yesterday who shared information that Simeon’s parents are both a little cracked. In other words, they’ve got several types of crazy between them and this helped me to feel compassion for them. She also talked to me a little about Simeon’s crazy and helped me to understand some of his behaviors. This is all a huge relief, but makes me even more anxious about the fact that he could be sent home in a couple of weeks. I really don’t think it’s a good idea now!

Well, I’m sure there were more interesting things to share about my week, but now I can’t think of them. I’m looking forward to finding some down time this weekend. I hope y’all get a chance to do the same!

Talk at you later!


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  1. The doctor over sharing reminded me of a time I was at the ob-gyn. As I was naked on the table, the nurse tells me in conversation she’s a lesbian.

    To each their own (seriously), and no judgement of what you do in your private time…I just didn’t need to know that while in that position.

  2. I’m cracking up, picturing that Simeon and that little mirror. In between the poop and the penis, he’s got all the important things in life covered!

  3. Your ob/gyn reminded me of the parent-teacher conference I had this week, which became as much about the teacher’s daughter as my own. Well, at least she can’t blame me that we ran over so much!

    Happy FF!

  4. great post loved reading it

  5. A doctor with TMI – yep, I’d be adopting that mantra, “Your uterus, your business” too! 🙂

    Simeon is hilarious with the mirror!!

    That bone issue you have is scary – do you still have to be extra careful?

    You’re right – as a SAHM we don’t get vacations, sick days, etc. – that explains why my blood pressure is always higher than it was before becoming one! LOL!!

    It does sound like you need your tonsils out – I had mine out as an adult…the doctor was hilarious, instead of wheeling me into the operating room, I walked in on my own (accompanied, of course) – he made a big joke about me being a big kid getting my tonsils out… 🙂 It was necessary, though, because I kept getting tonsillitis and strep every 6 months…sometimes both at the same time. Doctors aren’t as quick to remove tonsils like they used to be. It took seeing a ear/nose/throat specialist to finally get it to happen. If you do get your tonsils out, see if they’ll take out the adenoids, too – they left mine in, and I’ve found out that if they had removed them too, I wouldn’t get the major sinus infections I get. 🙂

  6. It’s always so scary sending a child home to parents that are not quite all there. i pray the court system will do what is appropriate…

    LOL about S looking at himself for so long. heehee

    What on earth made your doc share her yeast infection history with you? GEEZ!

  7. Hope you got some downtime this weekend and that the reoccurring pain stopped for good. The tonsil question? I have no idea! Thank you for doing what you do for kids–it’s so unselfish, and I know any amount of time with you is a blessing to Simeon and others.

  8. My mom had her tonsils out as an adult… the risks are higher than when you’re a kid, but I think things have come a ways since she had it done!

    I think it’s so amazing that you’re a foster parent. I’m not sure if I would be strong enough to handle the ups and downs you probably see.


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