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The ugly duckling turned into a real B****!

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Simeon and I love to play at the most delightful little park near our house. This park has everything and is rarely crowded. The one down side, however, is that it is inhabited by four of the meanest, surliest, grumpiest swans I’ve ever seen. They don’t just honk, they come out of the water to hiss, bite and chase. Oh sure, they’re all lovely and graceful from far away, but I tell you this one walked right up to me–not two feet away– turned his horned head and stared me down before slowly inching closer and closer. I’m pretty sure I heard him threaten to cut me! Then I threw Simeon over my shoulder and ran for my life told him where he could put that beak of his and took my kid to play on the swings! IMG_1750This one swam past and honked “don’t be messin’ with me girly! I know where you sleep!” I swear! Somebody has got to do something about these swans… I nearly died right there!


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  1. Those swans…I hear they eat babies. I distrust birds in general after a disastrous first date involving dive-bombing pigeons.

  2. You’re funny. I remember geese in a park near our house (when I was little). They were very intimidating!


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