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Ahhh, it’s so nice to de-frag. My week felt gloomey and gross, but then I realized it wasn’t so much the week as it was me. I was gloomy and gross and had been choosing to look at all the yuck. My days with Simeon are full of laughs and hugs and snuggles, but all I could think to post about were his fits and sickness. The weather was cold and wet and worst of all, I’d not been spending my time reading my Bible, or being quiet in prayer. Yesterday changed all that. I’ve gone back through all of the wonderful parts of my week and dumped ’em here! If you want more Friday Framents, head on over to Half Past Kissin’ and check out the other lovely bloggers… better yet, add your own!!!

– Yesterday Simeon and I visited with my MIL and nephew. We had a wonderful time (I didn’t have to cook or clean anything!) and we even went for a walk. A walk in which I realized I’m a big fat mushy girl! I’ve spent years walking miles and miles, for a long time I weight trained 3 or 4 days a week. Clearly, that was a long time ago and my calves are mad at me for it. Think that’s enough motivation to get me off-a this computer and walking again? We’ll see…

– While walking through a store this week, Simeon reached up from the cart, with a curious look on his face, gave my left breast a good squeeze one way, then the other, looked up proudly and exclaimed “Oh, a rock!!!” I was mortified. I was indignant. Pssshhht! Like he knows anything!

– I spent most of last week working on organizing my house. I completed three colsets that look amazing and have a place to put some of the junk I’m hanging on to:


This is my hall/gift closet. I look for gifts all year ’round. I’ve also got a place for cleaners, meds and bathroom extras.
DSCN2237This is the closet in our nursery room. Those boxes all have boys and girl clothes organized by size and gender!

And because I’m all about keepin’ it real and wouldn’t want to give you the wrong idea about me, the next two pics show you what my living room and bedroom currently looks like.

– A little over a year ago, Leo and I had traveled to Africa to look at our future housing and find the grocery store (among other things). Our intention was to be living there by now. In fact, our intention was to be celebrating our one year anniversary in Africa by now, but our plans aren’t always Gods plans… And that is a whole ‘nother post! Anyway, the day we left for the states, I discovered that I had left my camera at the home we’d been staying in. It was a sad, sad day. Well sad no more! Yesterday I opened my mailbox to find that some other missionary friends had travelled to that sweet, sweet land and brought our camera back!!!! Hoooraaayyy!!! I’m whole again ❤

– This is my favorite fall tree in my yard. This picture is from last week when it turned a beautiful, pale shade of yellow. Today the leaves are fewer, but it looks like it’s on fire. I’ll post another picture later.DSCN2177

– Tuesday I complained and complained about Simeon. I was grumpy about how he had acted and that he had been sick. I forgot to share this delightful story with you all:

Simeon is not allowed to play in the bathroom (something about floating rubber ducks in the toilet he urinated in without flushing…) Anyway, I realized he had been very quiet, so when I went back to check on him, this is what I found:DSCN2232

“Look! He go poo poo!!!” He exclaimed as I walked into the room! “I see baby. What made you think he had to go poo poo” I innocently asked.DSCN2233

Oh, I see. That would be a puppet with a hole where the bottom would be. Where there’s an orafice, there must be poop!

– And last, but not least. I know many of you have been asking to see pictures of Simeon, and let me tell you he is a beautiful boy. Like a Gap add, this one. Well wait no longer. When I walked into the kitchen last night, this is how I found him:IMG_1722He was all quivery and giggly. If he can’t see me, then I surley can’t see him, right?

Now go out, look for the good, the funny. Cling to the joyful moments, spend time in The Word. Love the people you meet and enjoy the weekend! Love y’all!


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  1. Organizing the house?


    It feels so good when it is being accomplished, doesn’t it?

  2. I need some serious help organizing my house – wanna come over? 😉 I do need to at least organize the gifts – I buy them year ’round and ‘stash’ them in various places…then forget where they were stashed and have to get more. Sometimes I’ll find the stash a year or so later! 🙂

    WooHoo! You got your camera back!!

    Too funny Simeon thought the puppet needed to go poopoo because of the orifice… 😉 And even funnier him playing hide’n’seek in full sight under a blanket! 🙂

    Happy FF! 🙂

  3. A rock? Oh, that really is very, very funny.

    He sounds like a darling child!

    Now that I’ve seen the real pix of your house, are more than welcome to come visit anytime you want. You’ll feel at home here :))

  4. I’m glad you found the good in your week.

    I’ve been feeling pretty bad about your misbehaved nephew. If you ever need to vent about him on this blog I’ll totally understand : )

  5. Found your blog through Mrs. 4444. Love it. The popping frog, the swoon-worthy closets, the lost and found camera. A very happy Friday overall.

  6. Sounds like you had a good , honest to goodness moment of clarity.. awesome when we realize we are focusing on the negative and are able to turn it around, right? Good for you!

    Sounds like little S is quite a character!

    ps Not sure if you know, but I adopted 5 of my children through the foster care system. My husband & I were foster parents for 11 years 🙂

  7. Here via Friday Fragments. You’re forgiven for your organized closets by the other pics, but that whole gift closet? Unforgivable!

  8. That Simeon is one cute boy. And so photogenic!

    The rock in the grocery store story cracked me up.

  9. Haha… I love the photo of Simeon! Too cute!

    Oh, and at least the puppet didn’t actually have poo poo in him to dispose of! I can see how the bathroom incident might have quickly gone from funny and cute to… well, not so funny and cute! 😉

  10. I love the sense of accomplishment when you’ve organized something and can then FIND things!

    The puppet on the toilet has me laughing so so hard! Kids are so funny *L*

  11. I always seem to have a basket or two of clothes floating around the living room!

  12. I can’t believe that puppet is potty trained!

  13. Ah….the work–it’s never done, is it?!

    Maybe Simeon will one day be a mammographer?! 🙂

    I used to have a cat that would close his eyes when he didn’t want you to see him (like when he was busted licking the butter dish on the kitchen counter, for example! Too funny.

    Sounds like you have the right attitude for setting your week on a great course 🙂


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