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Bed soon. When I wake up this week will start all over again, and it will be better.

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I got home after a very fun, very busy weekend. To find that Simeon had just projectile vomited all over himself and his bed. My dearest, dearest Leo cleaned it all up and tucked the boy back into bed right before I walked in the door. It was so kind of him to try and protect me from the mess, but that wasn’t the end of it.

Our boy proceeded to grab his puke bucket and run to the toilet every two hours throughout the night. He never ran a fever, so I didn’t worry until I realized that he hadn’t urinated in over 13 hours. That’s a long time for a kid with a bladder the size of a button-hole.

We went to our amazing pediatrician who quickly examined my boy then, despite their fully booked day, took a minute to hold my boy in his arms and rub his back and tell him that it would be all better soon. He then told me that Simeon was getting dangerously dehydrated (he did vomit a lot in a little bit of time) and sent me to the pediatric ER to get fluids. Leo met me there and we proceeded to wait and wait and wait and wait. Three hours later, Simeon had had enough sips of water to urinate encouraging the ER doctor to give him some anti-nausea meds, a popsicle, a sticker and a smile. Then we went home and Simeon tried to stay awake all the while shoveling as much food in his mouth as possible. I finally stopped the feeding frenzy and put him to nap. Then Leo and I stole about an hour to eat ourselves (oh yeah, we forgot to do that today!) before he had to leave for a work event this evening.

As soon as Leo walked to the door, Simeon woke up. I made him soup, gave him juice, found cartoons and propped him up in the chair.

Now I’m pooped. I’m going to catch up on Project Runway while the kid zones out. At 8:30 I’ll brush his teeth, pj him up and go to bed.

Then I’m going to wake up tomorrow and pretend today didn’t happen.

Oh, and I had to leave a long detailed message for S’s mom this morning because she was expecting our call (or not, since I had to leave a message) at 11 and I was taking him to the dr. Then when I called about half hour ago, she said she hadn’t listened to her messages and I had to explain everything all over again. Then she said “you givin’ him bottled water or tap?” Ummm… bottled. “OK then, good.” And that was it. Her only question, her only response. What water am I giving him??? Did she even remember we were supposed to talk today. This woman is nuts, n-v-t-s nuts! (name that movie).

Oh, and the case manager called and said that because of budget cuts, the person who’s been attending visitations won’t be and could I do it. Of course I can, and will and will be happy to. It’s just that the current supervisor will be there at the next one (then he’s supposed to go home), and she wants me to do it after that. I’m guessing it’s getting less likely he will be going home. I’m still preparing myself that he won’t stay, but she is starting to get my hopes up a little…


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  1. Oh, my. What a day the three of you had. Glad it is over and I hope that tomorrow is better.

  2. Wow.

    Gotta love the ER’s! They’re always so slow about getting to you! I’ve had to go in a few times for my kiddos. More recently, myself except it was unplanned! Went in for a CT scan and got whisked away to the ER. How fun.


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