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My plan was not to post…

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My plan was not to post today, but this was too rich!

Simeon woke up this morning and found a DVD with Chuck Norris on the cover. When he saw it he picked it up and pointed to a picture of the sneering (but smaller, darker) bad guy and said “Papa!!!”

Leo, hoping against hope thought that Simeon must have meant he was pointing to Chuck. When he asked Simeon who was who again, Simeon pointed to the baby-faced, bicep deficient bad guy and said “Papa!” Then pointed to the sweaty, manly, bearded, brooding Chuck Norris and said “Agum!!!!”

Leo was crestfallen, heart-broken, ego bruised. A few minutes later he slunk back into the living room: “I really wish I could be Chuck Norris…”

My dear, dear man, I know you do. You will always be Chuck Norris to me.

Yup, and I’ll be Salma Hayek (you know, as long as we’re going impossible…)

On a related note, I found this picture of Leo and I while flipping through some old family photos. Just as a reference:

zorro elenaWe may have changed a bit since then, but you get the idea.


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  1. You’re hilarious, silly girl.

  2. I read your post on the LPM blog today. I am a year old foster parent myself. I have had the same little girl for most of the time I have been a foster parent. She came to me as a 15 month old that was trying to be self sufficient. She would not let me help her and she pushed people away along with other generational stuff we have been wading through. She is over 2years old now, and still battling, but the one thing I want to say is that praying over her has worked wonders. I did not know what to do about the mean spirit that was in her. She would be mean to people and hurt them more often than not. All I knew to do was pray. Every night we pray for peace and gentleness for her. I pray that she displays the gentleness that the Spirit has. She saw my family for the first time in several months this weekend, and they were astounded at the change in her. She is so much more gentle than before and she has calmed down and has some amount of peace. I could not see it b/c I am too close, but I see it now. God has worked a miracle in this little girl. I pray the same miracle of answered prayer (and more) over your foster child. The prayers of a righteous woman are effective. Watch for God’s answer b/c He is working it out as you pray and it is coming!!


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