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Kid books that rock our socks…

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Since having Simeon, we’ve been regulars to the kids section at the library. I have always enjoyed reading children’s books and we’ve found some that are so very awesome, I wanted to share them with the world. Since I do not have a platform on which to speak to the world as a whole, I thought I’d share them with my dear friends in my little corner of the blogosphere.

1. Pete and Pickles by Berkley Breathed. This story made me laugh out loud and cry and sing and dance and want to embrace the world with a great big elephant’s trunk full of pleasure!!! It is the nearly epic tale of two unlikely friends, one who teaches the other to love selflessly. This story is wonderfully rhythmical and incredibly illustrated. The pictures tell a story so much deeper, much more tender, much grander than the words on the page. It’s a book I loved reading as much as Simeon loved hearing and seeing. We read it every night for two weeks straight.

pete and pickles

2. Big Chickens Fly The Coop by Leslie Helakoski. This hilarious story is the sequel to another: Big Chickens. I haven’t yet read the original, but I cannot wait. The story of four zany chickens who adventure across the farmyard to find the farm-house is pee your pants freakin’ funny. The story is delightful and sing-song, but the illustrations made me near bust a gut. When we first read it, Leo and I could barely breathe while Simeon enjoyed it well enough. The second time through, we started making the sounds the chickens would have made in each illustration, we pointed out all of the hilarious details and eventually found ourselves in a fit of giggles and screams! The whole experience was delightful! If you’re in the mood for a laugh, it doesn’t matter how grown up you are, this book will get you the giggles. I am going back to the library ASAP to find her other books!


Stay tuned to find out what tickles our fancy next… Oh, and if you have a children’s book that we must read, please share it here!


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