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It’s Friday!!! The week is coming to a close and here at Monica and Leo’s house. We’re gearing up for a very busy weekend. One that I hope is low on stress and high on laughs. I hope. My mom and my brother’s girlfriend come tomorrow, tomorrow evening I may get to escape to my girls’ book club where we will drink wine, eat chocolate and not talk about books because it’s really not about the books. Then we will celebrate Leo’s brother’s birthday Sunday. If you haven’t stopped by Half Past Kissin’ to check out other Friday Fragments, get to it! If your week is full of odds and ends and things you’ve yet to blog… be sure to add your own!

– I have a friend who, upon completing a task, says “I’m done. D-u-n, done!” I always thought it was hilarious and it has stuck with me for years. Sometimes when Leo and I are in a silly mood (most times) we’ll compete to see who can be the one to exhaust the spelling of a word.                                example: done, dun, Donne (as in John), duhn, etc.

– Simeon came to me wanting to play with miniature Barbie dolls he found in a bag of toys for my nieces. Being the open-minded mom that I am, I gladly picked up the doll in the red ball gown and began making the girls talk and laugh and – to throw my boy a bone – high-fived. He giggled, then ran to his room and returned carrying a giant fire truck. We loaded up the girls and Leo commented that it looked like a calendar spread (pfft! Men!) We had a nice time of play where my boy was learning to be sensitive and perhaps gain and eye for fashion when all of a sudden his doll popped up over the side of the truck and in his best three year old Barbie voice said: “oops! I go poo poo!!!” Then he bent his doll over  and made a loud ppbbfffrrrssttts!!! and other gaseous bathroom noises. Oh, how I do dearly love stinky, noisy, body function obsessed boys!

– When I ask parenting questions on my blog, they are rarely rhetorical. In fact, you can all assume that no parenting question is rhetorical. I need help. I need help and I know a good 80% of y’all have kids and have experienced things like sleepless nights, time changes, temper tantrums, etc. So, if you ever read my blog and see a question and think “heh, I’ve been there…” do me a solid and leave a comment. Thanks!

– For the first time in my life, I rooted for a team above the Mason Dixon (patooey!). I desperately wished for the Yankees to win the World Series Wednesday night. I’ve goin’ crazy without my shows. I may have an unhealthy attachment to the fictional characters I watch on TV, but I’m OK with that because I know they love me neurosis and all!

– I’ve been cleaning out closets all week. I’ve got three beautifully organized closests and two more to do. I’ll post pictures when my projects complete.  My mother’s coming tomorrow and she wants to help me deep clean a room. I’m letting her in the kitchen. It’s less personal and the least messy room in the house.

– We only understand about 25% of what Simeon says. Last night when we put him to bed he began babbling, but what little bit I understand made the terrible fits and kicks in the ribs yesterday worth it: Thank you Father, Thank you pretzels, Thank you room, Thank you Father, be good, Thank you Nona (my mom) Thank you Mama [my name], Thank you Papa, Thank you pretzels, In His, etc, etc, etc. His tone reflected the way I pray for him. He may not have understood a word of what he said – he is an amazingly good parrot – but at least he’s learning to pray and maybe that will help him someday.

Thanks, thanx, thanecs, thainks, thaynks, theighnks for fragging with me!


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  1. LOL@ the reason you’re cheering for the Yankees. I’m going for the Phillies, but only because my best friend from college is die-hard for them. I miss Glee!

    I’m much more of a football fan than a baseball fan. Baseball is sooo boooring.

    My son calls my mom Nona too.

  2. I know nothing about helping you out with parenting problems, but closets I can do! LOL

    And here’s your comment, by the way. I was trying to be stealth and act like I don’t know you…

    Nope, I don’t know you at all. You and your weird title post.

    So, I’ll see you Sunday!

  3. Where's the Party?

    Your kitchen is the least messy room in the house? You’re so weird!

    • Haha!!! It’s because that’s the room I use the least. Maybe if acctually cooked dinner, or did more than boil water and open cans when I did, it would be a bit messier.

  4. OMGoodness- his prayer is so adorable!!!

    I got such a laugh out of his Barbie play and the disgusting boy additions to the game!! Hahaha… 🙂

  5. Your blog is so refreshing. After a long day at the office I truly, truly enjoy reading your quirky, lively, interesting, hilarious, and oh so very real life stories. It totally brings me back down to earth, I don’t know if that makes sense but it just does. Keep on blogging, sista!

    God Bless!!

    What book are you reading in your book club, btw?

    • I read nothing! The other girls were reading Atonement Child by Rivers, but we’ve read Strong Men (I read this one, it was OK), Around Ireland with a Fridge (I read the first chapter, it was funny), Wild Girl? (I read the first few chapters, it started great, then got boring), Bel Canto (Almost finished, it was really good), I can’t remember the name of the other one. It was long and a tad tedious anyway.

      It’s hard to tell I’m a lover of literature, isn’t it?!

  6. I like the idea of trying to exhaust all spelling options *L* My husband and I make acronyms for everything, so I’m sure someone listening to us thinks we must be nuts or something.

  7. I love your creativity (spelling options 🙂 and that your closets are clean (I can live vicariously through you.) How nice of your mom to come help clean-My mom would never think of such a thing, haha although she did bake to pies for the booyah sale this weekend when I asked 🙂 Pooping, farting Barbies–too funny!


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