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And he’s part Vulcan???

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In our foster parent training, we were told that there will be times when we will only be given partial information for children. There will be times that we find out important health, or family history information well after placement is settled. When we got Simeon we spent the first week with nothing more than a name and birthday and that was all subject to change. Nearly two months later we discovered this:Vulcan

I know, right? This is last thing one would expect, and this has never even been mentioned in our transcultural training seminars!  It’s clear the Vulcan gene is a recessive one. He’s got the greeting down, but one would hardly recognize him as a humanoid  noted for his attempt to live by reason and logic with no interference from emotion.** Clearly he gets his emotional interferences from his mother’s side. Or does that bring the whole nature/ nurture debate back to the table?

**Thanks to Wikipedia for that apt description of the Vulcan race.


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  1. Ssssh! We’re not supposed to let people know we have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Vulcan child.


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