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When I was an infant I slept like, well, like a baby. As a child, I always went to bed without argument at any time and rarely woke early. During my adolescent years, I would sleep 12-14 hours whenever I was given the chance. Even into adulthood, I function best on 9 hours of sleep and luxuriate to 10 or 12 if I can. I’m not one of those, sleep ’till noon kind of people. I have always been a [relatively] early riser, but I can go to bed as early as 8:30.

Now that we have kids, their bed time is 8:30 and my time to finish non-kid friendly chores, or talk to Leo keeps me up until 10:30 or 12 most every night. Simeon has always been up by 7:30 at the latest, but then we fell back. The season changed as they inevitably do and so did the time. Now he’s up at 6:30 and ready for the day. I pushed his nap and bedtime to the new hour, but his internal alarm is still going off at its usual time.

So tell me wise and experienced parents, how do I get him to change with the time? How do I hang on to the one precious hour I have left? For the love of all things good, help. Please, help. I do not have a self start coffee maker and I’m scared of drowning in the shower. If you see a woman in the grocery store sleeping with her face in the frozen peas, that’s me. Have pity, don’t bother waking me, I need my sleep.


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  1. Where's the Party?

    From friends and relatives who’ve dealt with this, I’ve been told there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO. Sucks, I know.
    More pragmatically, does he play on his own? Could he handle 20 minutes of playing on his own in his room in the AM? If not, could you snooze on the floor while he plays near you?


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