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Here kids, Hello Kitty says smoking is fun!

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Some days we just get it wrong. I was feeling really bad about myself, but met another mom having a mom fail day, too. It’s good to know I’m not alone!

Simeon and I had a few errands to run this morning, so we bundled up (to find it blissfully warm outside) and headed out. Simeon was so good that at the third store, when he didn’t throw a fit because I made him put a toy back, I let him get a small candy at the checkout line. When he showed me a tiny box with hello kitty on the front, I thought: ” score! He gets a treat without being totally strung out on sugar.” Without another glance, I tossed it on the counter and began trying to wrangle my boy back to the car.

Apparently, he’s had no parking lot training and runs wild and free, skipping and singing without nary a thought of the ginormous SUVs coming for him.

When I finally got him straight jacketed into his seat, I pulled out the candy box to discover that it was designed to look like a miniature box of Marlboro cigarettes. Seriously?! They even had the gold foil tear around the middle and a flip top. Instead of Marlboro man, there was hello kitty and inside it was filled with Jelly beans.  SO bizarre!!! I checked the box to see if perhaps it was an import from Tokyo or something (ya know, trying to make an “American” product, but missing the mark by just a smidge), but no! It was manufactured in California. Since when did California start promoting kid cigs??!! I thought those types of candy were banned in like, 1987. Crazy.

marlboro-cigarettesHello Kitty cigs

marlboroHello Kitty cigs 2

In the next store, we heard a woman, very loudly, instructing her child to say “yes” instead of “yeah.” We came around the corner just in time to see her swat her kid up side the head and instruct a yes instead of a yeah (for the record, the kid still said yeah). It startled Simeon so much, that every time she said “SAY YES-S-S-S-S!!!” Simeon said “yes-s-s-s-s…” We circled several aisle with this woman and at one point she noticed Simeon doing what she said. She decided to make him an object lesson and pulled up beside us to show her toddler how my toddler was saying yes so respectfully. I grabbed my cheese and hurried us out of there before things got any more weird. Now we’re home safe and sound, and with very little room for any more crazy today!


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  1. That is ironic I thought the same thing about these Jelly Bellies! It is pretty crazy!


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