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Why library books are wrapped in plastic…

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Before I continue that thought, we had a phone call with mom today. I called at our pre-arranged time. Then called again 30 minutes later. I sent an email to our case worker. A few hours later I received a call from the family liaison who said that mom had her cell phone die and wanted us to call back. I explained to her that I called at mom’s specified hour, that she had not answered her phone on time the past three times I called and that I was more than willing to facilitate this weekly contact, but I would not put my whole day on hold for her. She knows when her son is calling and she should be prepared. The liaison agreed and I told her I would call when it was best for Simeon and me.  Several hours later we called. Mom said that she had been asleep and that her phone had died. I asked if 10 was still a good time – she said it was, but I’m doubtful. We’ll see.

This morning Simeon decided that he no longer needed his training potty. He went into the bathroom, set up his seat and climbed on the big potty. He did quite well until this evening when he knocked the pee shield off of the seat cover. He then proceeded to urinate over the top of the seat and across the room, straight in the eye of the pigeon on the cover of his library book. The poor bird didn’t even see it coming (ba dum, ching). It was amazing. Really. Defied physics, he did. I sent Leo in for clean up duty. Some days it’s just too much.

And for an added laugh: a few weeks ago my mother came for a visit and let Simeon have one spoonful of her coffee when I wasn’t looking. Since then he wakes up asking for coffee. Of course I say no. This morning he marched right up to me, put his hands on his hips and demanded donuts. We don’t have donuts, so I said no, but you can have a banana. He spent the rest of the morning stomping his little foot and demanding donuts. He did not get donuts. I’ve got to have some control around here!


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  1. Where's the Party?

    Ouch! Library books are expensive to ‘destroy’ (I’ve learned), so I hope the pigeon was okay. Now you have a new family rule: No library books near the toilet.

  2. That’s funny. Kids are so cute at that age. Sassy, but cute.


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