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In the bathroom that Simeon uses, I have a folding picture frame that sits on the sink. On one side is a picture of Leo and I silly dancing on the beach. The other side is of my brother and his girlfriend in mid-air jumps. Simeon loves this picture! He carries it around the house every day and names Papa, Agum (his name for my brother), Heller (his name for my brother’s gf) and Mama (that’s me).

Yesterday I was at a meeting and he was home with Papa, Agum and Heller. He came running into the living room proudly holding his picture. Slowly and deliberately he began pointing at each face: “Agum… Heller… Papa… who’s ‘at???”

Who’s that?! Who’s that?! That is the woman who gets up with you every morning. That is the woman who peels every banana, feeds you all the last bites of yogurt, gives all the baths, tucks you in at night, covers you with kisses until you writhe in misery, picks up your toys, washes your clothes, wipes your pee off of the toilet, walls, floor, and prays for your future constantly. That is the woman who loves you unconditionally and has every feature of your face committed to memory, that’s who ‘at is!

*grumble, grumble* ungrateful mutant….


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  1. Yes he did do that!! But what I thought was funny was when he was using the potty yelling Agum Agum Agum come here!! HA HA HA HA


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