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A restless night

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It’s not often I kneel at the foot of the child’s bed and pray him through the night. It’s only happened once before. It happened again last night. At 2:45 I finally went to bed with peace in my heart.

Simeon is a special boy and he has been placed in our care for a reason. He has been called out of his situation at home, a home where there is darkness. As he tossed and turned and whimpered in his sleep, I spoke truth over my boy. I claimed his life for Christ. I prayed for his days ahead, his mother, his family, the people in his neighborhood, the people he will meet in his future, his teachers, his friends and his purpose. The Lord crept into my boy’s room last night. His presence and His glory filled every corner to bursting. I whispered to Him all the things no one else may have ever asked for in Simeon’s life. And I believe He heard me.

Finally, Simeon came to a rest. He finally breathed deeply and slept in peace. I am honored that I should be the one called to do battle for this child. I am awed that I should be trusted with his care. This is not what I ever thought my life would be… it’s better.


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  1. Hi! I’ve just come across your blog and have spent a lot of time devouring your posts to gleen insight into the world of foster parenting. It has quickly become one of my favorites resources! Fostering is something that my husband and I are heavily/prayerfully considering and I find myself desperate to know exactly what I could be up against. However, I do realize that it would be virtually impossible to know everything. I especially love this particular post and the one about knowing your limit. Just today I’ve realized that if we don’t know our limit we could easily get swamped in the world of fostering. I to (like you) am only interested in smaller children (right now) because it makes sense for our age. I would love to know if your open to email/mentoring/friendship, etc. Thanks so much for making/taking the time to write about your experiences and for all you do in the foster community!


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