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Friday Fragments — Things I’ve learned this week.

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– I hate potty training. And I still hate laundry.

-Kids: “The less they sleep, the less they sleep.” That is the best way to explain what it’s like. It also explains waking up an hour early AFTER going to bed an hour late.

– Dancing with the stars makes me itchy toes kind of uncomfortable. It’s all very awkward and embarassing.

–  I’m really a better person when my husband is home. Even when Leo is at work all day, I know he’s coming home. I know he can get to us if we need him and I can breathe more deeply.

– If I have to choose between eat, shower or sleep (and really as moms, aren’t those the three things we long for), I will always choose sleep. Praise the Lord for a three year old who naps well! *except on days when he’s gone to bed late and woken early. Then he refuses to nap, ‘cuase he firmly adheres to the less they sleep, the les they sleep theory.

Well, that’s all I’ve got folks, hope your weeks were as educational as mine. Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I am a big fan of sleep too!!!

  2. Does anyone really LIKE laundry?? 🙂


  3. Those are interesting phenomena! There is also the case of drag the kids out of bed M-F, and they wake at the crack of dawn on Saturday.

  4. I love sleep. It’s one of my favorite things. I don’t mind doing laundry…it’s the folding and putting away of said laundry that I hate.

    Isn’t it such a relief when husbands are home. When Mr. Ski was deployed I worried constantly but now that he’s home I, too, breathe much easier.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend full of sleep, showering and eating!

  5. Why doesn’t everybody understand that “the less they sleep, the less they sleep”? My mother drives me crazy telling me that if I put my daughter to sleep later she will wake up later. Uh, actually she wakes up earlier!

  6. Oh, kids; they can really wear you out, can’t they?! I’m glad you have a husband to help you out. I will keep my fingers crossed for a nice long nap on Sunday 🙂

    Thanks for joining in this week 🙂

  7. I am trying to learn how to link to other blogs…..In this one you refrenced “Half past Kissing time” and the name was an actual link where you could go to that blog. How do you do that?
    (I hate being a newbie….lol)

    • Hi! You may be a newbie, but you’re doing great!!! On blogger: while you are typing a post, highlight the word you want to link to. I typed in the title of the blog, then highlighted it to link up. Once you have the word highlighted, click on the earth with the open chain link on top (I think it’s the third or fourth icon from the left). You should get an address box where you can post the acctual link. I usually open the page up in a new window so I can copy and paste. Click OK when you’re done and you are good to go!

      Hope you’re doing well and being blessed. I’ve seen all your hard work at school on facebook, keep it up!


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