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Well, knock on wood…

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Simeon has really taken to potty training. After a miserable Tuesday, he woke up Wednesday morning, had one accident and started self initiating potty trips. He hasn’t had an accident since, and we were out of the house for two hours this morning!!! It was like it just clicked, and you know what the trick for him was?

It wasn’t picking out his own undies, though he does love them. It wasn’t treats, or natural consequences, it wasn’t making the potty fun and inviting. The thing that made him click was love. I know it sounds cheesy because it’s the most simple thing we could give him. We were singing and dancing and dangling candy before him. We were offering prizes and incentive, but when I picked him up for a great big hug and kiss on the cheek after he stayed dry for 10 whole minutes, he got it. That’s what he lives for. All of the tangible things we think of as treats were meaningless to this little boy, all he wants is to hear “I love you and I am so proud of you…”

In some ways it seems like we should sigh with relief. Really, it’s free and takes no effort, but it makes me sad. It makes me sad that he doesn’t take love for granted. It hurts my heart a little that hugs and kisses and praise are treasures, that they aren’t expected, but are surprises.

Leo and I have been blessed with lots of love. We have more than enough to share and are more than willing to do so. I pray that Simeon feels that. I pray that when he leaves us, he takes it with him.

I also pray that he keeps dry… I was beginning to wonder where I would find a snorkel in October!


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