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He peed on the fireplace, the rug, the kitchen floor, by his bed, his booster seat and about 17 other places. I’ave had two hours of no pee cleaning, but that’s only because he’s napping. He’s often wet and doesn’t mind. Our longest stretch? 21 minutes!!! That’s a record! His average, 10. Seriously. Ten minutes. Seriously. I. Hate. Potty. Training. Period. Seriously.


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  1. That is completely hilarious!! I’m sorry but it made my day!!

  2. Didn’t you say he is 3? I may be wrong – but I believe that as children become older, their bladder gets larger, allowing more time between “fill-ups”. I mean, I know he has had no potty training at all until you – so he is not fully aware of or in control of the sensation and urges to urinate – but it just seems like there should definately be more time between his peeing.
    I bring this up because I had major kidney and bladder issues when I was small. Turns out, I had a birth defect that caused my bladder to not form correctly, causing a hole in my bladder – which prevented my bladder from ever getting full, and I had to pee ALL THE TIME. I also had issues with my ureter tubes being malformed. None of this was discovered until I was 5 years old.
    I would call the Dr. and ask to be referred to a urologist if possible, or see if they would be willing to run a few tests. One of the tell tale signs I always had was constant bladder infections. (I was made to drink enough cranberry juice as a kid to fill up lake Allatoona…
    I’m sure his issue is not going to be exactly what I had – but it does seem excessive and that is would warrant discussion with a Dr…..
    Hope that helps…..
    And in the meantime…….How does that expression go??? Better to be pissed off than pissed ON…!! bwahahahahaha


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