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You may remember about two weeks ago, I  decided to start potty training Simeon. It didn’t really go as planned. We had a million places to be, and then he got sick, and then I got sick.

Yesterday I decided enough is enough and declared this potty training week because 1. we don’t have anywhere we have to be, 2. he’s officially three years old and way to big to be in diapers, 3. Leo was home to lend encouragement and help yesterday, 4. I feared that if I didn’t start yesterday, I may never.

As soon as we put his big boy undies on, he began running around the house clinging to his privates. We tried to remind him that he should only touch his privates in private, but it was futile. Eventually we distracted him with toys and it hasn’t been much of a problem since.

Twelve minutes after putting on his big boy undies, he peed himself. I looked at the 14 hours ahead of me and panicked. This is officially day two and he can stay dry for about 20 minutes. I’m tired, but at least we’re heading in the right direction!


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