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This has been one absurd week. Well, really the week itself was fairly uneventful. Yesterday was absurd.

The morning started with a phone call pushing Simeon’s already rescheduled visitation back an hour. Leo was home sick with some very yucky illness, for which he is being examined by a doctor as I write. I went to run some errands while I waited for Simeon to be done. I pulled into a parking space and put the car in park, but while the shifter moved, the car remained in drive. Then the gear shifter locked. Then I shut off the car which started rolling. Then I put on the emergency brake and tried to turn the car back on, but it wouldn’t start, the break wouldn’t depress **sigh**

Leo called a tow truck, then came to wait with my car while I took his to get Simeon who did well after the visit. He cried a bit upon leaving, but seemed to take it all in stride. He appeared to be completely at peace within a few hours,of course he was drenched in prayers.

While all of this was going on, we received word that after some water damage in our basement, our home was rapidly growing mold and we were in danger of a serious disaster if we didn’t act ASAP. When Leo and I got home, we put Simeon to nap and ripped out carpet, moved furniture, cut drywall and removed floor molding (and molding flooring). Throughout it all we’ve felt the blessing and peace that can only come from the Lord — Amen!

Now we’re going to escape on a little weekend away to the country. The mold is out, we’ll deal with the damage later. The car is in the shop, we’ll deal with that damage later. Leo will probably get a z-pack from the doc, and we will relax and rest so he can get better.

In other words, I’ll be unplugging for the weekend. See y’all Monday! May you have a chance to sit back, relax and joy in what the Lord has done for you this weekend!


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