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I double dog dare you.

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I am obssesed with reading blogs. It is my favorite hobby. I’m a bit of a voyeur anyway, so being able to read other people’s daily diaries is so fascinating to me. I love reality TV too. There I said it, now you know I’m a total geek.

But if my reality TV confession didn’t convince you, this might. Today I was reading another foster parent’s blog and she referenced another blog which was hosting a story in 10 words or less contest. I love stories!!! I love reading short, short stories too. When I taught 9th grade English (what was I thinking?) I taught an entire unit on flash fiction to my mutants, I mean students. And they loved it. I did too. There is something so powerful and visceral about telling a story in as few words as possible. The only stories that can be engaging with so few words have to be very emotionally charged. I often heard “Mrs. Monica, why you always be makin’ us read dese sad stories? Makin’ me all depressed, like!” (Oh, some days I DO miss it… wait, what am I thinking?!)

Where was I? Yes. So, I entered the contest, and after reading some of the other stories, I don’t know if I’ll win, but I thought I’d share my entries with you all. Any chance one of you will tak a stab at it? Come on, I know you want to. I dare you. If you do, add it as a comment to this post so we can all share, and tell your friends. Come on, it’ll be fun!

1. Diagnosis: conception improbable. I heard: opportunity to foster the broken.

2. He entered dirty, alone: “Hi mama” Hi baby. Welcome home.

3. I placed her child in her arms and drove away.

4. The father he never knew wants custody. felony charges. Impossible.

5. Sixteen: scared he’d notice my blushing. Hoped desperately he would.


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