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Simeon is a gem in public. He’s precious 98% of the time at home. He says “I ul you” “peas” “Ank You” “Esh oo” (when you sneeze). He gives great hugs, picks up toys when I ask, gives me presents, sings songs, reads books and is all around adorable. Just when I think he’s got to be the most perfect kid ever (and how is that possible?) he surprises me.

Two nights ago Simeon peed on the rug in front of the toilet. He was ready for his bath and was naked. I turned to run the water and heard a tinkling sound. When I turned around he had his privates thrust out peeing on the rug… In FRONT of the toilet. REALLY?!

Last night I put him in bed at 8:30. At 9:30 I heard him singing loudly, so I went to stand at his door. When I got there his light was on and he was wearing his shoes around the room. After a few minutes of not being noticed I whispered “pssst…” He turned around with a grin from ear to ear and said “hey mama!” I told him he was supposed to be sleeping and he said “Yup!”

At 10:00 I went back and found him sitting under the bottom shelf of his toy shelves with the light on, looking at books. This time I said “you need to be asleep now” He didn’t say a word. He simply blinked slowly a couple of times, then walked back to bed.

On an unrelated note, I had my first foster care online training last week. It wasn’t on a topic I really needed info on, but I do need hours and wanted to check it out. I thought it could be useful. In general it didn’t offer any more information than a 5 minute google search and this was an hour long, though the conversation at the end seemed helpful for those needing to vent, or comiserate with others.

It did reinforce the idea that my experience as an educator has helped prepare me for pointless, hoop jumping. I had the presentation up in one window and spent most of the hour browsing this site. Next time, I’ll be spending that valuable hour here. I also have a ton of useful tips for surviving lame seminars, meetings, inservices, etc. in which you must be present in person. Maybe I can make that a theme post, because I know all three of you that read this blog would love to have that valuable information


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