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1. Simeon and I are home alone while Leo is away on business and Reuben has been reunified with his mother. Last night Simeon and I had a great evening. After he went to bed, I began to work on children’s ministry curriculum. I was expecting it to take me hours and hours, but by the time I went to bed, I only had a few things to finish up. When we got up this morning I began to work on it. I knew that in an hour I could have my rough draft finished and could spend the rest of the day playing with my boy. Unfortunately, his little three year old mind couldn’t understand that I only needed a little time. I put him on hold many times and eventually he grabbed some of my papers and crumpled them all up. I understand why he did it. He was wanting me to put him first (how often has that happened in his life?) and I didn’t. My motivation was not inherently bad, I was doing it so I could close my brain to that work and focus on him. I learned through our very long, drawn out time out experience- where I felt guilty because in the end, it was my behavior that led to his rudeness- that my boy need to come first, period. He deserves my attention, and he needs to know he’s loved and wanted and welcome. **sigh** my bad.

2. I am a foster mother and Simeon is my son. Reuben came so quickly that we didn’t get a chance to tell people about how Leo and I feel about our relationship with the children in our home. These children may be in our home for only a time, but they are not temporary. They may have other mothers and fathers, but they are ours to love while they’re here. I’m not offended, or fault anyone for saying foster child, son, or daughter. I just needed to set the record straight.

3. There is a church near my home and their tag line is “We sing old hymns” That’s cool. My church sings contemporary music. The AME church down the road sings gospel, so you know, whatev… Today I had to pass the church because my stimulusĀ dollars are at work on my usual route and I noticed that the church has a new sign. The first thing it says is “Church like it once was.” My initial thought was “what does that mean?” Then “I bet it’s boring there” Then “maybe that’s a good thing…” Then I thought better. Who wants to go to church like it once was? Like there was some glory day of the church where everything was done right and now it’s not? Well I don’t know about you, but a time in which the church is like it once was has clearly passed. The question isn’t about what it was like, the question is what is it like now. If there’s some fundamental problem with the church as it is, then we need, not to harken back to what it was, but seek the Lord on what it should be. Church wasn’t perfect then and now it’s in shambles. I want to be a part of church like it’s never been. I want to be a part of a community that is revolutionary. I want my experience with the body of Christ to be new, fresh and full of forward movement. I’m just sayin’


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