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Oh ye-ah, Oh ye-ah!!!

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That is the cheer Simeon began after his first pee in the potty. You know my boy pottys like a rockstar, right? He goes every time he sits on the potty, but he also goes in his pants… and seriously, he was on the potty every 20-30 minutes! It doesn’t seem possible that a body that small can produce so much fluid. We’ll continue the practice tomorrow.

Rebuen is fighting a little cold, poor boy! He has a runny nose, is cranky and has been sleeping a lot. In fact, tonight Leo and I were putting Simeon to bed (potty, story, prayers…) and when we came back out to check on Reuben, we found him asleep in his johnny jumper. I had a momentary thought of worst parent ever, but that was fleeting when I realized this would make an adorable picture for my blog. I grabbed my camera and took about a million pictures. That is until Leo stepped in and said I wouldn’t be worst parent ever if I actually let my child go to bed… ptooey!

I think maybe he was tired...

I think maybe he was tired...


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