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I was going to update my life happens in 3’s post, but I have some random things I would like to share first, and the old news ‘aint going anywhere so…

1. I am officially calling Leoni, Leo. I’ve only had the blog up a few days and his name has already been the subject of several conversations about pronunciation. Leo will eliminate the distraction.

2. Simeon had soup for lunch today. He ate most of it, then poured the rest of it over his body. He cleaned it up , then sat in time out. Reuben slept most of today (I’m so not jealous, nope not jealous at all. I have no desire to sleep a whole day through).

3. Simeon spent a lot of time in time out today. He was not misbehaving so much, as he was being contrary. As in, you may not put crayons on the computer, followed by a dragging of the red crayon across the computer screen. This boy stirs a joy deep down in my soul. I think it’s a connection we share in our strong wills. This is beautiful when it comes to play time and clean up and when we are getting along, but when we are at odds (example: Mama Monica says “you may not…”) it can be a marathon of holding out. So far, I’ve lasted longer. It’s all those years of experience.

4. We’ve had a mini ant invasion (not to be confused with a mini aunt invasion!) in the house the last two days. Simeon runs around the house pointing at every single ant he can find – and there are a lot of them – yelling “Nutty, mommy, Nutty!” We finally figured out that “Nutty” means “Nasty.” I agree son, they are nasty, but is it really necessary to sound the alarm at every offensive critter??? Apparently it is.

4. Murphy’s law of parenting with camera: When you have your camera, your kids are shy, dirty, cranky, etc. The day you leave your camera at home, they are charming, adorable, pristine, funny, etc. Leo and I took the boys to a local park tonight. Simeon was adorable. He wiggles his hiney when he runs and he ran everywhere. We went around sunset, so lighting was perfect. We walked the path past a lake where a mother duck was leading 12 brand new ducklings around the shore. Leo and Simeon were able to get very close to watch. On our way out of the park we met a couple walking 3 pygmy goats on leashes (I have always wanted a pygmy goat, seriously, this did not help my goat longings*) and they let us pet them. Sunsets, lakes, baby ducks, pygmy goats, beautiful family and the camera? Sitting on the table, not taking pictures.

5. Now the boys are in bed, the dishwasher is loaded, the counters are cleaned, the laundry is piled high (I hate laundry)  and the exterminator is coming in the morning (to eliminate those nutty ants). I think I’ll tuck myself in. Later y’all!

*I was actually about to post this sentence as “…this did not help my goat cravings.” Leo said it sounded like I was going to be eating them. For all my goat loving friends out there, I was NOT salivating over the idea of goat Marsala, I was wanting to hold them to my bosom and rock their bleating hearts to sleep.


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